Contact Tracing Retroactively - with Privacy Features

A COVID tracking/intersect tool for Businesses

This tool allows you to create a group and upload Google location history to report and map out potential risks of COVID transfer from person to person. 

A Map View

A visual display of "intersects". We calculate when you were at the same place at the same time with a COVID risk.

Adjustable Algorithm

COVID can live on surfaces for days or be aerosolized/re-aerosolized creating an infection risk.

Group Management

Your small group needs at least one user account. Data sets can use "code names" protecting user anonymity.


An "intersect" is any point where two people were in the same location at the same time - respecting the parameters for time and distance you entered..

Creating an Account

There is no fee to create an account and use the tool. Select to Register a new account in the upper right.

This is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release deployed as a bare bones tool to meet specific market needs. Account holders will be notified of feature updates

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